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SocialSparx: YOU Belong in the Conversation

As social media has evolved at an exponential level over the past 210 years, social media “experts” have popped up on every other corner touting the same services with absolutely no validation to being an expert.

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Our approach is simple, let’s engage users and let them be your biggest advocate in the social media realm! We like to think outside the box and come up with engaging online activities that users actually find interesting and helpful. Of course we can set up your social media marketing outlets, but we prefer to come up with something that NONE of your competitors are doing to give you the edge!

IntelliSparx believes that in order to create a successful overall marketing campaign, your prospect’s journey from discovery to action needs to be set in a flexible online environment campaign.

While most social media “experts” are only able to push up tweets and facebook statuses (while occasionally blogging), our full service firm can provide a fully integrated web campaign from website development, online application development, search engine optimization, online ad placement, video development, and social media…ALL tied together in one well executed campaign!

With IntelliSparx, your brand will experience:

* Expertise integrating branding, direct marketing efforts, and Internet technology for optimal results
* Targeted interactions with your company’s audience
* Opportunities to understand voice of customer through social media
* Defined goals for measuring ROI

We have proven that we can bring together these services and expertise that companies need to compete in today’s hyper active online environment!