Offering the latest e-commerce technologies for your immediate and long-term growth.

The e-commerce solutions provided by IntelliSparx provide the benefits needed by your company to maximize its online sales and achieve the overall internet marketing goals of your business.

San-Diego-EcommerceBenefits Include:

  • Business Analytics
  • Easy to manage e-commerce functionality
  • Personalize user experience
  • Marketing tracking
  • And much more.....

With e-commerce experience across multiple industries, we will implement an e-commerce platform specifically designed around the capabilities and user experiences you wish to have on your site.  Converting users to customers is key, we will ensure that your site is maximized for long-term success!

At the Forefront of E-Commerce!

Our 20+ years of experience has allowed us to watch the web develop in to a powerful tool for increasing sales outside of the traditional brick and mortar busineses.  It has become a global economy, with products and services being shipped and offered all around the world.  To miss out on this promising opportunity could be devastating to a business.  We've been around businesses hesitant to embrace e-commerce and watched them slowly miss out, we refuse to let this happen to any of our clients.

Here is just a small example of the e-commerce industries we've worked with:

  • NASCAR Gear
  • Footspas
  • Headsets and Radio technology
  • Dating Sites
  • NBA Merchandise
  • Nutritional Supplments
  • Auctions
  • Skin Health
  • Action Sports Merchandise
  • Clothing Apparel
  • Skin Care Products

Making your e-commerce store as customer-friendly as possible is our goal; increasing the relationship with your target market for repeat businesses and quality referrals.

Our E-Commerce Technology Provides:


  • Create unique promo codes for entire audience or segment to specific target groups
  • Collect demographic, psychographic and lifestyle information from customer segments to aid future marketing efforts
  • Develop customized pages per customer segment that helps optimize conversion rates and ROI
  • Personalize marketing messages per customer segment to ensure optimal success


  • Create unique cross-sell and up-sell opportunities on product and shopping cart pages
  • Personalize site look and feel by customer segment. You can alter page content, page layout, and other factors that will create a more unique shopping experience.
  • Dynamic merchandising / imaging capabilities - product zoom, color swatching, panning, rotating

Other Engaging Features:

  • Gift certificate or gift cards
  • Customer reviews
  • Tax administration
  • Shipping controls
  • Personal accounts
  • Order history
  • Inventory management
  • Credit card encryption
  • Multiple ship

A qualified IntelliSparx representative will work you to fully understand your offering, target market, and work closely with you to maximize your return on investment. 

Call TODAY! 619.884.2250 or email us:  eric@intellisparx.com