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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Lots of text to read below, we could go on and on and on but sometimes a quick call can get to the bottom of things quickly.  

A common misconception is that once a website is re-developed or launched, that it will immediately start showing up in search engines (Primarily Google).  This is where a proper search engine optimization plan will come in to place!

search engine optimization san diegoMany web companies and individuals will promise you 1st Page on Google in 2 weeks (we don't)!  While this sounds exciting and easy to do, be VERY aware of these promises.  Search engine optimization takes time, and results will come with the proper plan and attention to the site.  

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So how do these companies promise 1st Page on Google?

This is where "Black Hat" SEO comes in to play.  There are numerous strategies that a "web" individual can implement to try and trick the search algorithm. You can gain success VERY quickly, but this has also backfired on thousands of companies throughout the U.S.   If caught, and eventually it will be flagged, you face the threat of a full ban on the search engines and what may seem like a really fast route to success can turn into a complete disaster.  

SEO is a Marathon, Not a Sprint!

Believe us, SEO can be frustrating, we all want results quickly but in the most basic terms, it takes time.  We play by the rules and what may seem like a slow pace for the first month or so, thing start to slowly kick in and over the course of time the ROI will become very relevant and understandable.  

Our clients really enjoy working with us because we take the time to explain to them how it works and what to expect.  Most companies make it a "mystery" that only they have the magic touch.  We've had the pleasure of analyzing SEO campaigns for people that call and have no problem telling them the individual who is doing it is doing the right thing!  Sometimes it just takes another set of eyes to make sure it's running smoothly.  While some claim they use "proprietary" software, a majority of the time its an SEO software that is simply white labeled with their brand name.  

It's always fun when someone sends us an "SEO Report" they received and its filled with the infamous "RED DOTS" and "WARNINGS" signaling things are WAY OFF.  Its a simple fear tactic in sales.  When you actually dig in to the reports line by line you'll realize that most of the suggestions are already implemented.  Crisis averted!

SEO Mantra:  Be Honest. Set the Right Expectations.  Exceed. Be Excited when Results Come!

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