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San Diego Website Re-Design

Are you or your business looking for a website re-design? Maybe your site has become a bit outdated and not up to modern web standards or you feel that your competition is passing you up. Not a problem! We’ve helped 100s of companies throughout San Diego and California with their website re-design needs.

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san diego website redesignOne of the primary issues you’ll need to understand is that digital marketers have about 8 seconds to capture a user’s attention once they land on the site. Your current website may not provide a reason to stick around. Our goal is to keep users engaged that they have landed on the right service and ultimately become customers or clients.

The team at IntelliSparx is driven by our passion for business and to create an awesome web presence for our clients to have success! Nothing we love more than receiving a call from our clients talking about the new business the are getting and wishing they had done a website re-design sooner!

We always go the extra mile with our clients through evaluating competitor sites, doing keyword analysis, and making sure that when the site is built, all content and 301-directs have been implemented correctly to make sure whatever SEO “juice” was built up, continues to remain instead of starting from scratch.

As part of the re-design process, we will evaluate your current search engine optimization results, where you are excelling and where there is room for improvement. This helps set the baseline for the overall goals of the project. Not only do we have to design and build for the website goals, we also have to keep in mind the algorithms, primarily Google, that will be trying to understand your site and services.

We will provide an outline of your site structure before going in to design. This will help you vision the layout and the structure that we want to lead users to ultimately take the desired action.

Please reach out to us to get an analysis and free quote on your site! If you have any questions at all, no problem! We love answering all questions as well.

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