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san diego lawyer web designIntelliSparx has been building websites for San Diego Attorneys and Law Firms for over 2 decades.  A lot of web firms use FindLaw which tries to promote themselves as THE resource for web design and marketing for lawyers.  These fees can often exceed $2,000-$5,000 a month!  We've successfully helped law firms keep their site and bring their monthly fees down.  We've worked and continue to work with law firms throughout California.

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Having a website is just the beginning. From your letterhead, business cards, and all other marketing material, it is crucial that your site have an engaging and dynamic design that reflects the professionalism of your firm and provides the necessary information that your potential client is looking for.

Law firms are in a competitive market on the web, with firms and individuals spending ever increasingly amounts of money, but the good part is, most of these web marketing campaigns are done WRONG.

As an attorney or a large law firm, your website is usually the 1st impression your potential client gets.

Most web users decide within the first 3-10 seconds whether they have found a site that is high quality and has what they are looking for. Without this, the back button is used and the prospect leaves.

Having an outdated website can actually cost you business and probably is currently doing so.

Do you know how much traffic you get? Do you know how many phone call or leads you get based on that traffic? Do you think it is important to know what your website is doing for you? We provide all of this to every client so that we can show you the results and make the necessary changes to your website if the results are not good. Our professional design will include analytics to help track what your users are going to, how long they are on the site for, and why they are leaving if they don’t take action.

The bottom line is about new business and having a professional image that conveys quality work.

IntelliSparx has worked with both law firms, individual attorneys, and lawyers of all practices. We understand the web and the importance of getting new business, this is always our bottom line for our clients.

With extensive experience in managing web marketing campaigns and running the search engine optimization for attorney websites, we are sure to get you ranked for the terms you want, and bring you the proper return on investment of your dollars spent.

We approach web development from a business perspective. The bottom line is new clients. We will work directly with you to fully understand your expectations and goals and build a site and campaign around your needs.