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San Diego Business Start-Up Web Design and Development

san diego start up web designIf there's one thing that you will quickly realize working with us, is that we LOVE San Diego start-up businesses and helping them get up and going properly.  The website and SEO are a key piece in the overall start-up process, and we really enjoy taking the stress off this area for our clients so they can focus on the big picture.  We never just build a site for the sake of building a site, but take the time to understand the industry you are in, the goals of the start-up, and what market you plan on trying to reach.  A website should follow these business strategies as either a brochure of your business or a key piece of the sales and marketing strategy.

Over the course of 2 decades, we have helped many start-up companies of ALL industries get going on the web.  Anything from San Diego festivals, biopharmaceutical companies, contractors of all industries, ecommerce and retail, restaurants and much more.  There is never a one-size fits all approach, and this is what makes us different.  We take the time to do a business, market, and competitor analysis before we begin the web design process. The answers to these questions and assessments will lead the direction that we need to go.

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The Start-Up Entreprenurial Spirit

Nothing more exciting than when an individual or start up business decides its time to build their vision.  No matter if they see a niche market that they can break through, or a product that no one is offering, or a service that exists but you know that it can be done better!  This is where the entrepreneurial spirit thrives and when we can join in your journey and success, its something that we have a passion for.

We always set the right expectations for our clients,  By understanding how you want a visitor to your site to interact with your business is a very important element. There are ways to set up the user flow of your site to lead them to a direction that you want them to take, whether thats a call-to-action, downloading a brochure, or picking up the phone and calling you.  A website for a start-up should be dynamic in nature and have the ability to be re-structured and re-tooled as needed depending on the data and user feedback.

San Diego Start Up Business Website & SEO Strategies

Building a website that works for your San Diego start-up business is just 1 piece of the puzzle, there needs to be a search engine optimization plan as well.  While it is ok to hold off on SEO services for the time being, it is very important that when the site is launched it is built from the ground-up fully optimized.  We also build our websites using accelerated mobile pages (AMP) versions of their sites so they load even quicker on phones and tablets.  The search algorithms, primarily Google, take time to crawl yoru site to understand what the service or offering is you provide.  If the site is scanned and not set up properly, then ultimately you'll have a website that just sits out in the abyss.

The SEO side of things can be very time consuming when done properly, and does take time to yield results but they will come and the investment will be worth the money.

If you'd like to get more information or schedule a meeting, please fill out our "Request Information" form or give us a call!