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How Much Does a San Diego Website Cost?

how much does a website costOf course this is the most common question!  And the answer can vary in so many ways unfortunately.  Some companies have high overhead with office space and employees which of course the cost of the site could run someone $10,000+ depending on what type of overhead a company carries.  And of course another company could implement a basic template they purchased and that could be $500-$700 depending on their knowledge of web design and strengths. 

At IntelliSparx, our average cost of a website is around $2,000 - $3000 in most cases.  And this is also based on what type of functionality a client can request that could increase the price, but we are very transparent in pricing and explain this directly to our clients to make the decision.  Our pricing does include a custom design, custom build out, fully optimized, and help writing all the content.

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Web Design Cost

Like any web development endeavor, the process implemented at IntelliSparx revolves around preparation and expectations.  Our experience with a wide variety of industries implementing web strategies, we have a great idea of what is working and what isn’t.  We will evaluate your competitors using our software to get a snapshot of what they are doing and even better, what they aren’t doing!  This can help lead to the right strategy to pinpoint how to get your business ahead. 

The website itself, we consider Phase 1.  We design and build our sites in phase 1 keeping the future in mind which would be the search engine optimization strategy, social media strategy (if needed), email marketing,

We offer a broad range of design services that help you present your users with organic, rewarding information. As a result, you engender high levels of trust that later play crucial roles in promoting conversions. Our ability to select best-fit information architectures also keeps your message from getting lost along the way.

To reiterate the above, a San Diego website cost can vary so much, so make sure that you interview a few companies to make sure that you are receiving the right estimate for your site and that you are comfortable with the company you chose. 

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