Kumeyaay / Native American Web Design, Marketing, SEO

IntelliSparx has worked with a variety of Kumeyaay Native American businesses and non-profits not only through their web development building, but also consulting in a variety of roles.

We respect the history of the Kumeyaay Indians and have taken a sincere pleasure in working with individuals and companies that are native Kumeyaay or are a Kumeyaay based business.  Please contact us if you'd like to discuss your project or idea!


It started with Kumeyaay.com.  IntelliSparx was contracted to re-build Kumeyaay.com and bring the site up to a modern look and feel, while also allowing the administrators of Kumeyaay.com to manage their own content.  The goal was to provide an updated look to the site but at the same time keep the traditional "Kumeyaay" look and feel that has been branded around the site.

One the main things that Kumeyaay.com wanted to match was the ability to have a "community" base around the site, but also providing an educational resource for those looking to research the Kumeyaay History as well as various Native American Resources available on the web.  With over 2,000 indexed pages on the Kumeyaay.com website, it was quite a task.  After building out the "Kumeyaay Resources" section of the site, we proceeded to integrate a social networking component called "JomSocial" so that native Kumeyaay americans could set up a profile, very similar to Facebook, to interact with each other. 

Kumeyaay.com was built using the open source content management framework, Joomla.  This system allowed Kumeyaay.com to manage their own content and provided an even better platform for them to receive high quality search engine optimization. 

A few weeks after we launched Kumeyaay.com, we received an email from a History Professor up at the University of Irvine (UCI).  Her and a fellow professor had been studying the Kumeyaay Indians history for many years and had set out to document the various places where the Kumeyaay lived many years ago.  This became known as the "Kumeyaay Place Names Project".

All of the data they had been putting together was put in to the mapping software ArcGIS, that wasn't fully compatible with many of today's web browsers.  The goal was to move this data over to Google Maps and provide a custom built PHP component that allowed the professors to not only add information on each of the various place names, but also provide, video and audio so that it became on of the premier resources for those studying the Kumeyaay History.  Partly funded by Sycuan, Kumeyaay.com, and IntelliSparx providing a portion of its profit to the project, this site is a great resources for those wanting to know where abouts in Southern California the Kumeyaay have lived.

This website features an interactive map of Kumeyaay (Iipay/Tipay aka Diegueno) Place Names. The mapping project began in mid- 2009. Serendipitously, the right people and the money came together. We hope this is a prototype for what can be done in the exciting new area of interactive mapping to serve the ends of cultural-- and specifically language revitalization—as well as to provide an excellent tool for education, cultural resource management, and research. Our goal was to gather invaluable information from some of remaining Kumeyaay speakers and from hard-to-access archival and printed resources and then to present it in a form that is accurate and available to many.

Native American Enterprises LLC - NAELLC.net
IntelliSparx built this site about 18 months ago and was contracted from a public relations firm to do the design and build.  We built this site again using the content management system framework, Joomla.  

Native American Enterprises is an environmentally sensible design firm that creates harmony and balance with style.  NAE is a 100% Native woman owned business with over 25 years of specialized experience in the hospitality, high-end residential and commercial industries offering full service interior design with a unique understanding of Native American Environmental Design.

Kumeyaay Indian Child Welfare Services
IntelliSparx has begun developing the website for the Kumeyaay Indian Welfare Services and should be up in early 2011.