Software & Custom Application Development

To gain a business advantage for scalability and efficiency, creating a custom web application can be a necessity for your website and your business, no matter what the size.  Many organizations that we have worked for our now moving from desktop applications to web based applications that provide real-time information and statistics that help organize a company with better data to make quicker and more informed decisions.

  • Web-based database programming
  • Multi-tier applications
  • Web based business applications
  • Content management systems
  • Complex online stores
  • Supply chain management
  • Interactive learning
  • Remote data integration
  • Secure intranets and extranets
  • Customer relationship management
  • Inventory management
  • Enterprise collaboration
  • Maintenance and support
  • Idea execution
  • Open source software consulting

San-Diego-Web-ApplicationWe typically will build our web applications from the ground-up but often end up modifying open source technology components that closely match your needs to save time with the development of the application.

Various times open source components are limited in their scope of functionality and are often 1-2 steps away from being the perfect component that your company needs to be a match.  At IntelliSparx, we pride ourselves in taking these components and being able to modify them in to the perfect solution that matches your company’s needs.

Web applications have the power to streamline business functions, with automatic business generation, supply chain management, database management, and more.  It enables businesses to present users with a dynamic website that is capable of delivering the ultimate in customer service.  Providing ecommerce solutions and the effective management of online business, companies can attain a global reach and expand exponentially.

Many companies have huge amounts of data that need to be stored and retrieved at a moment’s notice.  Our business database applications help streamline this flow of information that is available quickly when you need it.  Many of our clients have implemented Customer Relationship Management solutions to help keep track of the influx of company and user information they receive to their business.

A highly skilled web application project manager at IntelliSparx can provide you with proficient and scalable solutions according to your business requirements.  With a firm foundation in a variety of web application platforms, IntelliSparx is your one-stop shop for quality and cost effective web application development for your business needs.