Mobile Website Development

Total US mobile and social media revenues-including consumer and business access, content, advertising and marketing-is expected to grow 30.8% year over year 

IntelliSparx has the ability to create a consistent and engaging user experience to your customers, whether via your mobile-friendly website or today's modern mobile machines including the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

San-Diego-Mobile-Website-DevelopmentWe have successfully implemented mobile strategies for our clients from concept to execution.  Creating a successful mobile strategy for your business is crucial with the changing of technology.  Your target market is continuously using mobile phones to get more information or engage with your business, don't get left behind!

IntelliSparx provides

* Mobile Consulting
* Mobile Interface Design
* Implementation of Design
* Platform Target
* Mobile Marketing & Analytics

All of our mobile campaigns are extremely robust, setting your business organization up for success on mobile platforms.  Our mobile development campaigns are tested across all major platforms.

The major mobile platforms, the Android system and the iPhone / iPad, have very contrasting characteristics that you'll need to be aware of.  We have performed at an exceptional level on both platforms for our clients. 

While we have our own designers, should you choose to do the design in-house, we can work directly with your team in building your application!  We're extremely reliable and have worked with businesses both large and small, as well as major advertising agencies throughout the U.S.

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