Marketing Analysis

Before any decisions are made, we meet with you to do a forensic analysis of your
market, competitors, keywords, budget, analytics, and your website.

Business Online Marketing Analysis
We provide complete Online Marketing Analysis, evaluating your business, competitors, and your potential for creating incremental new business via the web. We understand the purpose of any online effort is to convert visitors to buying customers. As such, our focus is to create an online presence that utilizes all available and appropriate tools to both attract and convert those individuals into customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analysis – For Existing Websites
95% of people on the web use one of the major search engines to find products and services. How your website is deployed, including design, technology, and content is critical to you appearing on the “free” search engine pages. Higher rankings have the affect of people finding you and increasing your conversions. Specific activities include evaluating your SEO technology and content, comparing your SEO rankings in comparison to your competitors, and providing recommendations for changes or additions to you design, technology, and content. SEO also includes increasing the positions on your site by placing links from a variety of relevant sites to your site.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Analysis
While efforts to improve your SEO will generate improvements in traffic and conversions, SEM can be valuable in launching your business or marketing campaign. While most people associate SEM to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) services where you pay for each click on major search engines, SEM extends beyond PPC in that it includes developing a number activities including selected ad placement on relevant sites, implementing affiliate programs (where appropriate), and developing cross selling agreements amongst appropriate parties. PPC services include development of an initial set of written advertisements. Most PPC users write only a few ads and fail to properly evaluate their implementation.