Let IntelliSparx develop the winning strategy for your business!

Our Consulting Services Include:

  • Web Marketing Strategy:  With a combination of technology and experience, we will work directly with you to evaluate your past campaigns and provide in-depths analysis' of your keywords, your competitors campaigns, and a campaign for the future growth of your company.  We don't leave any stone unturned in truly understanding the marketplace that surrounds your business before we begin making recommendations and strategy development.
  • Online Marketing Audit:  This assessment analyzes your current web efforts in both search engine marketing and search engine optimization.  Using powerful web marketing tools and search engine optimization tools, we are able to fully understand not only what you are doing right, but all of the missing pieces.  This includes an assessment, analysis, and re-writing of your ad campaigns and your keywords. 
  • Website Design and Functionality:  We make sure that your site is easy to navigate for your web users and that you are communicating a clear message to your target market.  There is nothing worse than a site that has no "call to action" or unique selling proposition (USP).  You take the time and effort to make sure your marketing materials are easy to understand and communicate a clear message, this should carry over to your site design as well.  Far too often we come across clients who are very happy with their site, but upon further review of the site find many problems that could be deterrents from a web user choosing you as their source of business.
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM): Are you having trouble keeping track of your customer's information such as phone number, e-mail, or status?  Do you have a system that monitors your marketing campaigns to see what is the most effective marketing strategy?  Do you have a system that tracks a new lead through the sales cycle?  IntelliSparx has delivered custom CRM systems for clients in a wide array of industries that are now able to track leads and make marketing changes in the future based on the results.  The CRM systems we offer can be integrated in to your e-mail systems to track all changes and create a portal for the entire organization to have its documents.

Having consulted with firms up in the Fortune500 level, we take many of these same strategies and implement them with our small to mid-size business clients, offering them the same competitive advantage that the big firms have. 

We've turned campaigns around that have produced immediate returns within a week, but we're always thinking about the long-term of your business and work to ensure that the consulting we provide will ensure the survival of your business in an ever changing web world.

    * Develop new Internet marketing strategies to meet fundamental business objectives.
    * Evaluate existing strategies and tactics to heighten performance.
    * Assess internal systems, budgets and controls to isolate opportunities for growth.
    * Audit existing technology systems to insure maximum efficiency and proper allocation of resources.
    * Help position your business for maximum Return on Investment.

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